Customizing vscode’s theme

Filipe Herculano, December 24, 2019

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I use vscode daily for my work and personal projects and I always wanted to give it a little bit of a custom accent

There are beautiful themes out there for it already, but I could never find one that I was able to stick with in the long run

I am particularly fond of the Snazzy colors on iTerm2


I also love the work done on both Horizon and Synthwave themes

The only thing that bottered me on all of those themes is that they all seem to abuse the red color, I wanted something with less red but that still had that altered carbon kinda vibe

So I decided to give it a try and start customizing a theme of my own and vaporwave was born!

Here's a nice little preview of how it looks like


Feel free to grab it from the extensions marketplace and give me feedback or suggestions in the github repo

I encourage everyone to go and try customizing vscode to your liking, it's quite easy and there are very good resources out there as well