Natty Theme

Filipe Herculano, March 30, 2020

Natty Logo

It's like snazzy but natty

I'm a big fan of the iterm2-snazzy colours, but I never found a nice port to vscode that I could stick with in the long run so I decided to make my own

Natty has a darker background for higher contrast and doesn't make much use of red β€” as I like to think red should be for errors β€” I am still thinking of what else to customize but it's in good shape for general use already

Here's some previews 🎨


Where next

Little details really bother me, so eventually I would like to have a much stronger level of customization and tweaks on things like punctuation, operators, language specific quirks and editor specific controls

I would also love to have this be a shared theme among many other development tools I use

I am open to contributions, suggestions, feedback and help. Feel free to check it out on GitHub and the vscode marketplace